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Hey there, I'm Kat!

I opened The Alternative Slime Shop for two main reasons – because I had many ideas for slimes that were hard to find in other shops, and because it was important for me to try to find explicitly vegan and cruelty-free shops, but I couldn’t. I'm also an artist and musician and have always liked trying out different types of art. Once I saw slime as another possible creative outlet, I knew I wanted to do it!

I work hard to create unique slimes with great textures, scents, looks, and concepts that are also true to myself and what I personally want to see and represent in the slime community. Because making my products vegan required some research, I was also able to find what became my special secret ingredients in The New Black Collection – which features the darkest, best black slimes that leave no residue on the hands – and in my scented clear slimes, which are coming soon to the shop!

Starting my own slime shop was once a dream that I wasn't sure was possible. And while I'm still working every day towards success, the growth, support, and happiness I've already gained from this has been more than enough to keep me going. Thank you so much for stopping by and being part of this journey. ❤️